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Mar 2016
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Mar 2016
Name:DCSI Clearances and RAN Training
Details:RAN Training Wednesday 23rd March 9-11:30am..
DCSI Clearances and RAN Training
2016, Mar 23

Parent/Caregiver Information

Department for Communities & Social Inclusion

Dear Parent/ Caregivers,

DCSI Clearances

As per the Hon. Susan Close's media release, volunteers in our school who require a DCSI check are as follows:
Volunteers who are not the Caregiver/Parent of a child in our school.
Volunteers who attend overnight events.

Please Note:

  • Forms are available through the front office

  • The school will pay the fee and will receive most of it back through subsidy. There is no fee to parents/caregiver/volunteers

  • DCSI Screening specifically looks at the criminal history assessment of employees and volunteers WHO WORK WITH CHILDREN

  • This screening does not look at any other personal information

  • The school does not receive any other information about applicants

In addition to this, the school will be running Reporting Abuse and Neglect training for all applicants. Please list your interest through the front office. After hours sessions will be available throughout the year. The next session will be on Wednesday 23rd March 9-11:30am.


Andrew Plastow