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What are Magpie Groups?

At Alberton Primary School, we group our students primarily in Year 1 to Year 7 groups. We call them our Magpie groups. Each of the Magpie groups is a community with great diversity. Each Magpie Group is known by it's colour. We have six Year 1-7 Magpie Groups. As well as touching base several times throughout the day and having Student Learning Plan with the Magpie Group (see Student Learning - Curriculum to find out more), students begin and end the day in their Magpie Groups.

The Nest includes all kindergarten and reception children.  It is an exciting and engaging indoor/outdoor learning environment for children aged 3 to 6 years of age.  Learning is hands-on, active and based on the individual needs and interests of each child. Educators actively engage with individuals, small groups and some large groups to ensure the needs of all children are being met. For more information please navigate back to the home page and select the 'Kindy/The Nest' button.

Why do we have mixed age Magpie Groups?

Schools and junior sporting teams are quite possibly the only locations in society where people of the same age only have to work together. So not only do schools not represent the rest of society they also do not prepare students to work with others who have differing ages therefore significantly differing levels of experience.

This has fostered a spirit of symbiosis between the students. Our older students, primarily but not exclusively, bring leadership and mentoring to each group and our younger students bring wonderment and enthusiasm. There are times throughout the day that students of similar ages will come together to work, just as there are other times that students of similar interests will have time to work with one another. There has been a significant growth in awareness of others, empathy, tolerance, care and respect between students since establishing these groupings.

Our Magpie Groups are represented by six colours. They are:

        Teal Magpie        Blue Magpie        Orange Magpie

        Purple Magpie         Rose Magpie       Green Magpie

"Magpie groups are really creative because it's 1-7. The good thing about that is that the older students can get inspiration from the younger students or the younger students can get inspiration from the older students. Magpie groups are a really good way to learn because you get to mix and collaborate with students of all different ages. I like how magpie groups work because it's different to other schools and you can make a lot more friends with students of different year levels" Rikiesha, year 7

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