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Welcome to the Alberton Primary School Website, a gateway into a vibrant, innovative and high quality learning community. Alberton Primary School operates within a Progressive Education philosophy aiming to develop a genuine passion for learning amongst children and staff. We have 5 values that are the foundation for everything we do:


BELONGING: We endeavour to ensure that all members of our community feel a sense of belonging within the school through inclusive programs, a range of ways that parents and caregivers can be involved and through an openness to listen and incorporate the contributions of all.

DISCOVERY: Children are encouraged to discover the wonders within their world, to develop their creativity and their sense of curiosity. Children are challenged to take measured risks as they explore their capabilities and passions.

DIVERSITY: Working together respectfully is a key to our success as a diverse school community. We develop collective strength, wisdom and action through our diversity of cultures, experiences, skills and ages.

WELLBEING: We work towards helping children understand that they have the power to contribute to their world both as individuals and together with others. We work with children to develop their sense of control over their world including their physical, emotional and social wellbeing.

SUCCESS: Our ultimate aim is to inspire children to identify a future they hope for then set about creating that future and proudly celebrate their achievements along the way.

The school is structured with a combined Preschool Reception group, known as "The Nest", and six classes, known as Magpie Groups which have students from years one to 7. The Nest uses a project approach and all students belong to a home group, with a teacher and co-educator to ensure their specific needs are met. There are three home groups within the Nest and a large outdoor learning environment for children to explore.

There is a whole school timetable, which includes Student Learning Plans [focus is learning the skills for learning], Fitness/PE, Discovery [a hands-on experiential learning time with lots of student choice], a focused English and Mathematics block with significantly reduced student numbers, reflection and weekly planning times. It is a complex environment having to cater for multiple year levels daily and work in a team-teaching role for much of the day, it is very supportive with team planning being a feature so children access the expertise of all staff.

The school values the importance of digital literacy for our students through providing excellent access to technology throughout the day. There are interactive whiteboards and desktop computers in all classes. Reception and Year 7 students have ‘personal’ IPads. All other students have ready access to laptops, some IPads and netbooks at a ratio of approximately 1:3. Specialist programs also provide access to IBooks. The use of the technology is supported by all staff and an IT specialist teacher and School Services Officer.

Students are encouraged to participate in the diverse range of specialist activities including: Choir; Chess; Interschool Soccer; Visual Arts Exhibitions; Minecraft EDU; Aqua Science including endangered fish breeding program; Horticulture; Digital Arts; Languages; Wakakirri Story Dance biennially; Design; Instrumental Music (off-site) and student leadership roles (featuring our Children’s Parliament of Alberton Primary School).

If you have any questions unanswered after looking through the website please don’t hesitate to contact the school on the numbers at the bottom of the page. We welcome any feedback on the website and the information available or unavailable. Please click on the 'Welcome' button to view of calendar of upcoming events.

Andrew Plastow