Children's Parliament

The Children’s Parliament of Alberton Primary School (CPAPS) is a group of children, elected by their peers, who take on further responsibilities across the school. Children in Years 5 and 6 prepare and present speeches to the school community to run for positions in the parliament. All children from Years 2-7 have voting rights and choose their leaders through a secret ballot. The other ministry members are children who have nominated for a particular ministry however don’t want a Minister or Deputy role. These class members have an opportunity to bring forward ideas and discuss any issues that arise during fortnightly community meetings. All CPAPS ministries have a staff advisor that they can turn to for advice and guidance if needed.


Children’s Parliament ministries are as follows

  • Aboriginal Nations Ministry

  • Sports Ministry

  • Environmental Affairs Ministry

  • Diversity Ministry

  • Community Affairs Ministry

  • Public Relations Ministry

  • Education Ministry


Each ministry is made up of a Minister, Deputy Minister and 6 Members. Along with our Ministries, we have a Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister, and Treasurer. Ministries meet at least 3 times a term to discuss any important issues and organise events.

Actions ministries have taken include raising funds for charities, organising school events like sports day and the school disco, creating a friendship bench on the playground, installing signs and bags for people cleaning up after their dogs and helping draft school policies.

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