About Us

Our school is structured around three communities of learners: The Nest, Broad Street and New Street.


The Nest is a combined Preschool and Reception group, with adapted principles of Reggio Emilia at its core. The Nest uses a project approach and all students belong to a homegroup, with a teacher and co-educator to ensure their specific needs are met. There are three home groups within the Nest and a large award-winning outdoor learning environment for children to explore.

Broad Street and New Street are communities of learners from Years 1-7. Our classes, known as Magpie Groups, are composite classes of either Early Years 1-3, Middle Primary 3-5, or Upper Primary 5-7. The Year 1-7 timetable balances English and Mathematics times with whole school fitness and Discovery time on four days of the week; find out more details of these times.

Our educators all work in a team-teaching scenario where ongoing communication, good planning, and clear commitment have contributed to the building of a highly supportive and welcoming team.

Alberton has a very long history and in 2017 we celebrated our 125th year.  Read more about our history.

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