Years 1-7

Welcome to the Broad Street and New Street communities. These communities house our children who are in Years 1-7. Strong connections to the Nest provide a continuation of learning across all three communities. 

Magpie Groups

Magpie Groups are our home groups for children in Years 1-7. Each Magpie Group is known by its colour: Rose, Purple, Green, Orange, Teal and Blue. Children begin and end their day with their Magpie Group, have scheduled times for English and Mathematics and engage in inquiry learning in these groups.

Magpie Groups are formed as Years 1-2, 2-3,4-5 and 5-7 within each community.  There is significant awareness of others, empathy, tolerance, care and respect between students, Our older students, primarily but not exclusively, bring leadership and mentoring to each group and our younger students bring wonder and enthusiasm.

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Our classrooms are designed by staff and children to be welcoming and comfortable spaces. These spaces are low in visual clutter, high in natural light, flexible to encourage collaborative work, and provide a significant amount of choice for children as they engage in their learning.  


We adhere to the Australian Curriculum.

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We offer languages and soccer as optional extras.

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