Maths & English


Each day Magpie Groups have scheduled time for concentrated English and Mathematics learning, English and Mathematics is integrated into our inquiry foci across the year, as well as, being intentionally integrated into other learning areas. 


While a Magpie Group may work together during English and Mathematics times, we also work in smaller groups. Overarching planning occurs by staff working within a hub group of educators, but individual differentiation occurs within these smaller groups. This ensures that there are common expectations, consistent resources, a broad range of interventions and clear communication about students’ needs. Planning occurs against the Australian Curriculum in English and Mathematics, but also incorporates the General Capabilities of Literacy and Numeracy.


Research has shown that getting the body active in the morning exercises the student’s brain and prepares them for learning. Every Monday – Thursday, our whole school have the opportunity to participate in purposeful fitness at the beginning of each day. Fitness activities may focus specifically on developing flexibility, endurance, power, strength and speed or may have more of a game-based approach, focusing on raising the heart rate for at least twenty minutes. Students have an individual choice each day about which of the eleven fitness activities they wish to participate in. Regular fitness is an important strategy in reinforcing well-being.


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Most discovery topics last one week and children participate each afternoon.  These groups are multi-age level, and teachers create different discovery options using the Australian Curriculum in other subjects such as, science, the arts and technologies.

Older children have the opportunity to participate in more intensive Discoveries that last longer than one week.  These include Specialist Art, Choir, Musical Instruments, and Wakakirri.

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