Life Sciences Centre

The Life Sciences Centre has three distinct but connected areas. One space is the Garden.


The second space is the LSC room, which is home to a diverse range of animals including a Western Woma python named Winston, gorgeous Golden Eyed Green Tree Frogs, and an amazing range of salt and fresh-water fish.


The third space incorporates half of an aquaponics system, breeding tanks for the Southern Purple Spotted Gudgeon and is home to Ponde, our prized Murray cod. We are proud to give a home to our gudgeons, a Murray River fish thought to have been extinct until it was rediscovered in 2004. At Alberton, we have been involved in a breeding program leading to reintroducing the species to the wild.


Our aquaponics system takes waste water (nutrients) from our silver perch and yabby farming, and pumps it to external beds where it is used to grow produces including: lettuce, strawberries, herbs, and tomatoes.

The Garden

The garden is continuing to be developed by children, Sarina (our Permaculture and Pantry guru), parent helpers and community members. It is a wonderful resource for social and hands-on learning where we work together to promote the wonder of nature. There is a myriad of wildlife nurtured within the garden, including guinea pigs, chickens and insect life that students can discover throughout the day, including break times. This is a space where kids use play as a learning tool in the grass and mud areas.


There are opportunities for children to help maintain the school’s plant life through watering, weeding and planting experiences offered in Discovery. The Garden supports learning across the curriculum, from life cycles in Science to gaining inspiration in the Arts.

Produce is used for cooking classes and sold in our Garden Market.


SOLARE is an amazing maker space, with a particular focus on robotics and engineering. The design incorporates elements to enable team planning and collaboration in making. Here is where children can work with more traditional tools such as pencils for drafting, power tools for making, and also some newer tools such as a 3D printer.

Nunga Room

In 2018 the Aboriginal Families worked with the Government and the Department of Education to negotiate the construction of a new Nunga Room. This centre was delivered in April 2019; when opened it will be a place for community, connecting to culture, and mentoring.


Our library is filled with a rich collection of high-quality resources.

Uniform Shop

School uniform is compulsory as it encourages our school value of Belonging. All uniforms supplied in the shop are quality hard wearing clothing, have the school logo, and are in our school colours of navy and gold. If purchasing items from another supplier please ensure they are in our school colours.

Children have many outside play opportunities to run, climb, kick and explore, so sneakers are the most ideal footwear. Hats must be worn in Term 1 and 4 and must be purchased from the Uniform Shop to ensure they meet sun safety standards.

The uniform shop is operated by our fantastic Front Office staff. It is open 9am-10am and 2pm-3pm Monday – Friday. Qkr! may also be used to purchase uniform items.

Our uniform policy is HERE.


​Some of the school’s facilities, in particular the gym and grounds, are for hire. The rates for hire will be dependent on your connection to the Alberton Primary School community, the extent of the hire and type of activity. A Hire Agreement must be entered into for any hire arrangements, whether for private or business purposes.


Please contact our Finance Manager for any enquiries regarding hiring these facilities.


The Governing Council oversees a school canteen, which runs five days a week. The canteen provides healthy and tasty options and operates within the “Right Bite” guidelines.  There are seasonal menus to ensure a variety of options for children. The latest menu is available in your child's Magpie Group.

The canteen is managed by Ina Woodards with support from volunteers. Please contact Ina via the school number if you are able to volunteer in the canteen at any time.

Lunches may be ordered each day. Order forms are available from students’ Magpie Rooms and the Nest. Orders may also be placed on Qkr!.

Current Canteen Menu

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